Home Security Tips to Protect You from Burglary

Your home is a sanctuary where you and your family feel at ease most of the time. If your home is under-protected, the security you feel in your own home may be compromised. That’s why investing in home security is considered a crucial step in ensuring your family’s comfort and safety. Additionally, following these home security tips and tricks could help you to protect your belongings and increase the feeling of security while home and away.

  1. Don’t advertise your absence

If you’re thinking about going on a vacation, try not to make it obvious that your home will be empty for a few days. Asking your trusted friend or neighbor to collect your mails is no doubt a smart move to hide the fact that your home is currently unoccupied. You can also use timers to make lights around your front and back yards, inside the house, along pathways, and near your garage, and switch them on in the evening. This will make intruders skittish and make your property less of a target.

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  1. Secure the doors

You don’t want a burglar to stroll in through the front door of your home. Do a regular inspection of all your doors to make sure the hinges are not loose, and the door frames are strong. If you have a pet door or a mail slot, don’t forget to secure them before going out so that an intruder can’t reach through to unlock the door. You can go for a deadbolt or strike plate to secure your doors. If you want a high-tech solution, add a glass break sensor or a door sensor to scare off thieves. Changing a lock when you move into a new home is also a cautionary step that could further beef up your home security.

  1. Lock the windows

Just like doors, windows are also the most common entry points for thieves. When shopping for new windows, you might want to upgrade to shatterproof glass and key-operated levers. If new windows aren’t in the budget, reinforce your existing windows with security film. Adding window bars and planting prickly bushes under first-floor windows are a few budget-friendly window-proofing ideas.

  1. Set up a security system

Burglars can be tech-savvy too. To protect your home from professional thieves, set up your home with a security system – it can be a DIY system or one that comes with professional home automation and 24/7 monitoring. There are plenty of security options for every budget and every level of security. Always remember to engage the alarm to make the home security system work effectively. If you need help choosing the right security system for your home and your budget, ask a local home security specialist near you.

By taking these simple precautionary steps, you are sending the message to a potential burglar to keep moving.

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